SINCE 1967

Torrefazione Goriziana
Torrefazione Goriziana,
Italian Espresso appreciated around the World.
The Best Good Morning
Torrefazione Goriziana

Goriziana Caffè

Our company is named after this line, which includes a variety of blends for all situations and in all formats.

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San Giusto caffè

Following the acquisition of the local coffee roasting company San Giusto, we decided to keep the tradition and set up a separate line for this coffee. It has two qualities, and we have had ties with this historical brand since 2000. 

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Go Caffè

The Goriziana line has developed a special gourmet line for the most demanding palates. High quality with a refined taste.

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Private Label

We can create a customized product for your company with our private label service. Our professionalism is here to serve your company. Unique coffee, just for you. 

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“The simplicity of a single goal and the complete satisfaction of our customers conceals the wonderful complexity of our work. A company that grows while keeping its artisan passion intact, carefully overseeing each aspect of the supply chain from the choice of the unroasted coffee beans to the final packaging. We see Torrefazione Goriziana as a place for comparison, updating and testing. A constant commitment that fills us with pride each time a customer chooses to start their day with a Goriziana espresso.”


Antonio Crobe & Mitja Rogelja