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Specialty coffee

Single origin specialty roasted coffee beans

Toasted for: mocha and Espresso

Pack of 250 g




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Specialty coffee

Panama is produced in the Boquete region in the north of the country near the Baru volcano, the highest mountain in the country. Finca El Salto was founded in 1900 as a family business by Mr. Abdeljat Suad, who left Jerusalem and locally renamed Domingo Suarez.

Mr. Suarez married Mrs. Antonella Serranno and from their union six children were born, who continue the family business, which began with the sowing of 70,000 coffee plants. The plantation is located in the hills of Boquete. The varieties grown here are: Typica, Geisha and Catuai. The process is washed. Immediately after harvesting, the coffee is placed on the "African beds" and left to dry in the sun.

In this area the soil is rich in sandy clay and minerals. The high level of humidity present is ideal for the growth of coffee.


Specie: Arabica

Varietà: Geisha/Catuai

Metodo: lavato

Area di produzione: Boquete

Altitudine: 1000-1200mt

Aroma: caffè dolce e delicato con note di nocciola, vaniglia e cioccolato al latte

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Specialty coffee Monorigine di caffè specialty in grani Tostato per: moka ed Espresso Pacco da 250 g